Clothes and Kinis I can’t wait to drop ❤️

One of my favorite things about this time of year is all the new fashion/swimwear that comes out. It’s an obsession of mine! I love having the new and even the old just re-vamped. Here are some of the brands I can’t wait to drop their new! 
Fear Of God – at Pacsun 

Fear Of God is the go to for those who like streatwear or vintage type clothing. It’s very Kanye West/ Jaden Smith vibe. I love all the simple pieces and neutral colors on their lookbooks. The peices might be a bit pricey for most people but finding a good quality staple worth splurging on won’t be hard to find from Fear Of God. 
Kylie Jenner Pop Up- Online 

Everyone who knows me knows I love me some Kardashian Jenner girls!! I love their style and when I heard Kylie was having her own pop up shop I went absolutely nuts. So far her pieces include bras, underwear both saying “Kylie” how could she not? T shirts with her and a few of her staple sayings such as “Realizing Things” and also phone cases, pins and patches. Knowing kylie the products will be very high quality but it’s unknown the prices yet. I will be waiting to hear that. As of now I am looking forward to spending a whole paycheck on all of those items. 
Siempre Golden 2017 – Online 

Siempre Golden has been one of my favorite brands since discovering my love of swimsuits. Their suits are so unique, nothing like any other brand. Their suits range from sporty to sexy, simple to design and texture. They have so much variety and I cannot wait for their 2017 line. Their prices and quality are also unmatched. The quality is amazing and the prices are great for what you get. You can tell the brand has worked hard to get where it is today, which is something everyone can appreciate. 


Mixing Texture in Fashion

I have found a new love of mixing different patterns that don’t normally “go” together with my clothing. When I mix things that don’t usually work together and they do work, it really does look good. I like to mix stripped ribbed rights with a opposite stripe dress and then suede shoes with a knit cardigan. That all sounds like it’s doing a lot, which it is. But somehow it looks cute! I also have been trying to get in on the bringing back the fish nets trend. 

This is me wearing fish net tights, a velvet Brandy Melville dress and a ribbed turtleneck from Urban Outfitters and Vans. In the photo you can’t really see all the textures in play but to me it worked really well. Throwing things together that I like has become a sort of challenge to see what I can do when I get dressed in the morning! Here are some more photos. 

Heather Lee Photography x Beach Body Boutique

I recently got the chance to work with a local photographer, Heather Lee as a model rep! The shoot was a themed one for a brand called Beach Body Boutique. Heather wanted to expand from jusy senior and family portraits to more fashion/modeling type photography so she contacted me! We went to a local nature preserve and the shoot was so much fun. I love the way it turned out! Here are a few photos from the shoot. 

Stone Rebel Jewelry ❤️

I came across Stone Rebel Jewelry on Instagram maybe a year ago. I loved all of their stuff so of course I had to follow. They hosted a giveaway and I won! I loved the prices I won and began having them in photos which they would re post. I realized I could create some good content for them as their jewelry fit right in with my style. The owner is Isabelle Maynard. She hand makes all the pieces herself all while going to school. She’s so young and already running a buisness, which is extremely inspiring to me. She creates beautiful and unique pieces at a really good price. You can tell how hard she works as shown by all the people who love her jewelry! The page is on Instagram if you want to check them out! 

Below are some photos of me wearing Stone Rebel!