How I Edit My Photos & Apps I Use

Probably one of the most common questions I get is how, and what I use to edit my photos. People always ask me “What filter is that?” “Did you use an app for that?” and I always tell people but I decided to make a post for those who are curious.

The app I use the most is called VSCO Cam. Its very popular and a lot of people have it. Even celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Sahara Ray and Kylie and Kendall Jenner have talked about it and use it.

I like VSCO Cam because of the simplicity of it and how easy it is to use. Not to mention the filters are probably the best out there. You can find presets that fit any Instagram theme imaginable. The initial app is free and comes with a number of free filters. There is also a store where you can purchase more preset packages that are so worth the price. They even sometimes have specials and sales where some filters are even cheaper or free. I always download them because you never know when a cool filter will come in handy. Another thing I like about VSCO is that it holds your photos within the app so that’s handy so you aren’t filling up your camera roll.

When I upload a photo to VSCO the first thing I do is find a filter that enhances the natural lighting and coloring of the photo. My favorite filter is called C6 and that is the one I use the most. I usually up the brightness of the photo depending on how bright it is already and I ALWAYS up the saturation at least a little bit. I just like the way it makes the colors and skin tones look. VSCO Cam also has options for contrast, warmth, highlighting and things like that for basic photo editing.

The second app I like to use is called Gliche. Its in the Apple App store but I am not sure about Google Play. This app does really cool glitching effects, 3D effects and other really cool overlays for photos. I like using this app to spice up a simple photo or just for fun to play with as well. Gliche is free in the app store and all the effects I have used are free.

Everyone gets blemishes, bruises and unsightly things on their skin so having an editing app for that is a must. My go to is Face Tune. Face Tune is 2.99 in the app store but to me its so worth it! It does a great job of removing blemishes or spots where you need it without over smoothing or making your photo look fake. You can also enhance skin tone, correct red eye, and whiten teeth with Face Tune as well. This app is a must have for those who love selfies or photos with others in it as it can fix pretty much anything wrong in the photo.



Modeling and Nudity x Stephanie DeLaTorre

Modeling has always been a passion I’ve had ever since I was younger. It’s been my way of flaunting creativity and art. I first began building my career when it first became all about bikinis. Growing up in Florida and always living near the beach, created a massive impact. I would always see all these gorgeous, local bikini shops and it was something I had to have, later becoming my most worn attire. I would always get an abundance of compliments about how I wore them or where I got them from. This is how all of my swimwear collaborations came to a start. I began posting creative pictures of me in bikinis and started getting offers from companies all over. I also had connections with a few friends that manufactured bikinis and knew popular photographers. If you love it and it makes you feel beautiful I say go for it. I am so alarmed when people are afraid to wear a type of bikini because they don’t feel like it “looks right” on them. You’re at the beach, you’re suppose to relax and enjoy every moment, not feel insecure about yourself. It can be difficult sometimes but everything is mentally. You mentally assume to see yourself defined as “not perfect” but us human have a inadequate habit of visualizing the negative and not the positives. 
Nudity was something I started composing recently. I was always a big fan about it but was too young to express it. Nudity is an exquisite gem that everyone has but never recognize about it. My confidence about nudity photography was very high due to it being my art of own. It was so much more than what any other individual would see. I had an enormous help from the greatest photographer, Graham Oakley. I was able to express fascination, curves, confidence, beauty, and happiness. Society has their own image of a “perfect body” but in my own little world, everyone has something perfect that should not be negatively judged. Everyone is rare and you should always feel luxurious about themselves. 

Studio photos by: Graham Oakley 

Barbas and Zacári Collab

Barbas and Zacári is a brand that you have probably seen on Instagram before. They have beautiful and unique watches as well as stylish sunglasses! They are known for their minimalistic and chic look that can be worn with literally anything. I have seen their watches be the cute accessory to a swim suit and even the finishing touch on a fancy night out. I personally love all their pieces and can’t wait to see what else they come out with. 
One thing I love about Barbas and Zacári is is that they give back! That is so important to me when I work with or blog about a brand. Barbas and Zacári are official partners of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and they are donating 5$ from every watch sale to them. Cancer research is so very important as so many have been effected by it! This touches close to me because both of my grandmothers have had cancer. Check out my Instagram post of them and if you’re interested in buying a watch use my code “Maggie20” for 20% off and all the fight against cancer. 

Sirenetta Bikinis 🌺

Sirenetta Bikinis is an amazing brand that has some of the cutest prints and cuts!! I can say first hand that they are such quality and really worth getting if you’re a mermaid like me. I recently interviewed the owner about how she got started. Go check out her page @sirenettabikini on Instagram! Read the interview below!

Q: How did you get started with Bikinis? 

“When I started I honestly always kinda doodled them and found myself buying bathing suits and thinking they should be this way or that way and then one day I took one of my doodles are actually made it and it turned out pretty good so I just started designing/sewing them as more of a hobby I really like to do. And then one day I literally dropped everything, I was going to school to be a math teacher haha and dropped out and started Sirenetta and although it’s one of the toughest things I’ve done so far, but I seriously love every day of it!”

Q: How do you get engagement? 

“In the beginning and still now we are constantly liking others photos on certain tags like #bikini #beachpeople or #beach and/or following others every single day ☺️”

Q: What inspires you? 

” I love the fact that it can help the ocean, I try to do everything with the ocean in mind. With reusable mesh bags, recycled hangtags, and a donation towards ocean conservation from every line launched. The ocean is the reason we had swimwear in the first place, we gotta thank it some how 😜👙💕☀️🐠🐟”