Bali Body Love ❤️

In case you haven’t noticed in some of my photos (especially ones where my skin looks really good) I tag the company Bali Body. You have probably seen them on Instagram as it’s a pretty popular brand. But is it worth all the hype? I’m here to say YES it really is. 

Bali Body is a skincare brand that has gotten world wide recognition for the way it makes your skin glow! They have a wide range of oils, a lotion and even a BB cream! Personally I have tried the Watermelon Oil, the Cacao Tanning Oil, the Tanning/ Body Oil and the Bronzing Lotion. They all smell really good to start off with. I frequently use the Body oil as a lotion because it smells so good and keeps me moisturized. In the summer I always have the tanning oil and when it starts to get colder the Bronzing Loton helps to keep me from being pale while also being a great moisturizer as well. I have only heard good things about the lotion and BB cream and I am eager to try those as well. I have had many people ask me if it really works, is worth the money and lives up to the hype. My answer to those is yes for sure. I would definetly check out their website to decide which product would be best for you if you’re looking to try it! Follow them on Instagram as well. 


Bootay Bag Collab

I love blogging for brands that have a meaning behind them, or ones that give back. When I saw Bootay Bag it had both and I fell in love. 

Bootay Bag is a underwear subscription bag that sends you two new pairs of super cute undies every month! You can choose for them to send thongs, full coverage or a mixture of both to fit you! They are all super cute. Bootay Bag is all about promoting inner beauty and confidence in women. Along with raising money for the Melanoma Foundation! How awesome is that? When you get your underwear snap a selfie with the bag, or if you feel comfortable snap one on the undies! For every photo with the hashtag #undermatters Bootay Bag will donate money to the Melanoma Foundation. It’s such a fun and easy way to give back. Go check out their Instagram and their site! They are also now having bralettes that are super cute as well.  

These are the ones I got! A full all over lace cheeky pair and a more full coverage black lace with a cross cross on the butt. I love them.