Black Bough Swim

Over the years I have gotten my hands on quite a few bikinis. I have to say the set I recently received from Black Bough Swim is on the top of the list. The Maui Set is the one I got and I could not be more in love. The top is in a “sporty” cut much like a sports bra. Right away the colors of the suit were so pretty even better in person than in photos. The quality of the material was amazing as well. It fit snug as a bug and didn’t budge while I was moving around snapping photos. Even though I don’t need a lot of support in the bust as I am lacking in that area it was very covering and I could tell it would be perfect for bustier girls that move around or maybe play sports or surf. The material was stretchy and very true to size.

The Black Bough site has a very helpful size chart as well. I would suggest this brand to literally anyone. The suits are amazing quality and the prices are really good especially for the quality you are getting. They have so many cute cuts and prints Id bet anyone could find something to fit their preference and body type. If you have any questions about the suits feel free to DM me! I also have a code (MAGGIE.CALDWELL10) for a discount on their site!

Below are some photos of me in my MAUI set.


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