May Ellie Box! 

So lately my obsession has been subscription boxes/bags/whatever if you haven’t noticed. They are all so convenient and cute! I’m lucky I can use my social media influence to try them before they come out! Since it’s April 30th and tomorrow is May I’d like to share what’s gonna be in the May Ellie Box! Ellie Activewear has a monthly subscription of Activewear /lifestyle products at a really great price. It’s 5 items that always include a sports bra, a top and leggings or capris and then two other items for 50$ a month. If you think about it a nice pair of leggings is that price already! It’s a subscription box that I have gotten two of now. I loved my first one so when they wanted to send me another I was so exited! Number one the box it comes in is soooo pretty. 😍 Also the stuff that comes inside is super cute and useful for a healthy lifestyle! Below is what was in my box and then I’ll go over everything on its own. 

The tank top, sports bra and leggings are a matching set from a brand called Marika. They are really good quality and could be worn to workout or just an athliesure outfit. The sports bra has those cute cutouts and I’d even wear it as a bralette! It has removable padding as well. The other two things are a Marika arm band that holds your phone while you workout. You don’t realize how convenient this is until you use it in your workout! It’s really nice and can fit most phones I’d say. The last thing was sort of unique it’s a set of stress balls that have different levels of resistance. That might sound a little silly but they are fun to play with if you’re doing computer work or just reading a book or something. 

If you’re interested in subscribing to Ellie Activewear Box click Here!

If you wanna take a peek at their Instagram click Here 


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