Black Mask Cleanse Review

If you have been on the internet lately you have seen the infamous “charcoal masks” that all the beauty gurus are trying and raving about, or all the funny fail videos of random people crying and peeling their skin off. Its a craze for sure no matter what. However there is some truth to it and a few brands that back up what they claim! I recently had the chance to try a few products from Black Mask Cleanse Ink. They have a whole range of skincare products that wont leave you peeling your face off. I received the bundle of their mask, toner and cleanser!

All of their products are made in the USA, and cruelty free which is really great. The mask has aloe and eucalyptus to soothe the skin. Vitamin C for brightening and Rosemary for closing up the pores! Their products are suitable for any skin type as well!

I cleansed my face with the cleanser which was really nice, it took all my makeup off as well! I then took the mask and put on a thick layer on my nose, chin and forehead which is where i tend to get the most blackheads and large pores. You should put it where you feel you have the most issues or even all over your face if you would like, avoiding the eye area and eyebrows. Since I did a thick coating of it I let it sit for about 40 minutes. The mask comes right off when you peel from the edges and mostly off in one piece. You can really see the blackheads which is gross but also really satisfying. I felt like my face was softer and my pores were so much smaller. Then putting some of the toner on a cotton ball and swiping it all over my face really helps clean your face and close the pores as well as helps re balance the skin.

Over all I was really impressed with this line and will for sure be adding it into my skin routine! Id say you dont need to use the mask more than once a week but the cleanser and toner are fine for daily use. Check out their Instagram page here


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