Sand And Sky Australia Pink Clay Mask Review 💕

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably seen the Sand and Sky Australia brand on Instagram and Facebook. All of their cute photos, and videos of YouTubers trying out the mask, the brand went viral. I’ve even seen girls from BuzzFeed trying out the product and making it into a funny video. 

Seeing this product all over social media made me want to try it out for myself! The biggest complaint that I’ve heard so far is the price point of the mask. This however doesn’t bother me because when comparing it to other masks that are high-end of the same size, it’s actually a really good deal. Sand and Sky also comes with an applicator brush which you don’t find with other brands. I really enjoyed the brush, because it’s not only more sanitary but it’s easier to clean up and it’s also just really cute. 

My first impression of the mask was that number one it smelled really good. Putting it on was also a lot easier with the brush then trying to scoop it out with my fingers. The packaging is really cute, it’s also a lot bigger jar than I expected. After putting the mask on just one time I noticed it definitely evened out my skin tone, brightened my complexion, and made my pores look smaller. It also made my face feel really soft and smooth and my foundation that I applied afterwards looked really good. After I had tried the mask three times over a period of about a week and a half, it has definitely even out my skin tone permanently and I feel as though I can get away with wearing less foundation. I was really impressed with the quality of the mask and after using it the price point is definitely worth it. Sand and sky is also a cruelty free and vegan product, made with natural botanicals from Australia. This is also really nice because a lot of the masks out there today contain harsh chemicals and a test on animals. If you’re interested in a good mask or have seen this product and wanted to try and I would definitely go ahead and purchase it. I will for sure be adding this into my weekly skin routine! 

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