Favorite Products: Bali Body

I have been using products from Bali Body for over two years now. I first discovered them on Instagram, (DUH!) and thought wow that’s super cute packaging, a simple concept that was tanning oil at the time. I thought why not its about to be summer why not get a little extra tan. I first fell in love with their original Bali Body tanning oil and their coco body oil. I used them all summer long. They not only helped me tan but also kept my skin hydrated and glowy. I loved the smell and the way it made my skin so soft even when I wasn’t using it as a tannin oil. 

One of the next things I got from them, when the weather started changing was their Bronzing lotion. This is a tinted body lotion that gives you an instant tan glow, that washes off at the end of the day. Think of it as a body bronzer/ was off self tan! It was amazing for when I was about to do a shoot and needed an extra glow, or when I was going out and wanted to be tan. It comes in handy in between spray tans as well!

As I started laying out again I wanted to try something new from them. I tried their best selling Watermelon tanning oil and I fell soooooo in love. This product is simply amazing. Its my favorite and I will never use another body oil. The smell is like skittles or fruit loops to me. It accelerates your tan so well without being overly sticky or oily. It hydrates your skin as well so I use it every day as well. It also comes in SPF which I  really like because I do have fairer skin. It keeps me smelling good and hydrated all year round!

My most recent favorite from them is their new Coconut Lip Balm! Let me tell you this is one of the biggest tubes of lip balm I’ve ever seen which means its never getting lost in my purse. It comes in a beautiful gold tube and smells like coconuts! Its super silky and not sticky or glossy. It has a plumping effect without burning or tasting spicy and that’s something I really love in a balm. I use it once during the day and it keeps my lips hydrated all day!

I really love all the products I have tried from Bali Body. The thing I love most about them is that all of their products are made from organic ingredients that are cruelty free and also vegan friendly! I love that they spread the cruelty free message over their social media. If you are in the market for some new all natural products be sure to check them out!


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