Favorite Wellness Products Part One!

Since I am someone who enjoys sharing things that I love, I thought I’d write up a little blog post about a few things that I have been using in the wellness category. Many people ask me my favorite everyday beauty products, and things that I have tried that I like. Below are a few Products and brands that I have been using as of lately!


Cocofloss as you can tell by the name is a brand of floss. Now I know, it’s floss how can it be that exciting. Well it is, and for someone who is a product junkie this floss is simply the best! Not only is this floss super cute, it smells amazing and it is the best floss I have ever tried. It acts as a loofah and scrubs away plaque whereas other flosses slip and slide. This floss is also vegan friendly and cruelty free, which is hard to find in a floss brand. They also have the best flavors as well! Website link is here 🌸

My Billie

Billie is a brand of razors and body care. They have super affordable and amazing razors as well as body care such as lotion body wash and shaving cream that you can get in a subscription box. The razors come in super cute colors and their packaging is to die for. All of theirproducts are also vegan friendly, non-GMO and gluten free. The best part about Billie is it’s super affordable and in my opinion a really good quality razor. Link for their site is here.

LaBang Body/Hair

LaBang is a brand of body oil’s, hair masks, fake tan, shampoos and conditioners. In my photo I shared one of their hair masks that are actually available at Walmart. Their products are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Their hair masks are made of all natural oils that work wonders on your hair. They also smell really nice and leave your hair feeling silky smooth. A link to their site is here.

Breeze Body

Breeze Body is a face mask brand that created a very hydrating overnight sleeping mask. You apply the mask let it soak in and then sleep overnight and you wake up with super hydrated skin. I have been using this weekly during the cold weather to keep my skin hydrated as I tend to get dry spots in the winter. Their mask is also vegan friendly and cruelty free and made with all natural ingredients. It also has the best packaging. It even comes with a little scoop for keeping your masking hygienic. A link for them is here!


Care Of Vitamins Review+Perfect Gift

Another day, another super cute thing I️ found on instagram! Care Of Vitamins is a company that allows you to take their online quiz, and then personalize a package of vitamins for you and your needs! They also come personalized with your name and a special message for you on every package. I️ was lucky enough to be able to try them out for myself. I️ went online and I️ took the quiz first. It asks you questions about your health and daily lifestyle to determine your vitamin needs. Since I️ am vegan and anemic it suggested I️ take omegas, iron and a few others to keep me in top health. A few days later a month supply of vitamins was at my doorstep ready to go in daily individual packages each with the perfect amount of vitamins I️ needed in a personalized pack with my name on it! They are super unique and you can add on to your order if you need more vitamins than what they suggest for you. It’s completely customizable! These vitamins would be a perfect gift for anyone. It’s such a unique present and you can be sure they will use it every day! You can even get them customized for them with funny sayings and images. A link for their gift cards is here . This is an image of what mine look like. So far I️ am very happy with the vitamins and I️ love knowing I’m getting exactly what I️ need. The quiz was so quick and easy to take and it was very insightful to hear the end results. The packaging is adorable and it gets me exited to take my vitamins every day. It’s hard to forget when they have your name on them! A link to their website is here . You can take the quiz and get started!

My BodyBoss Method Fitness Guide Experience!

As a very busy person, between work and school its really hard for me to find the time to go to the gym and work out. I often find myself wishing there was an easier more effective way to stay motivated and fit. BodyBoss Methods Ultimate Body Fitness Guide was my dream come true! The BodyBoss Method is a fitness guide aimed at high intensity fat burning workouts that can work around your schedule with absolutely no need for a gym or equipment. The guide consists of 4 cycles of three weeks each, and working out for 24 active minutes three times a week! This seemed too good to be true, but for a girl like me who sometimes only has an extra 24 minutes in a day this is perfect. Its so quick but you really feel like you got a good intense workout! This program is designed to burn fat quickly in a relatively short amount of time. There is also 4 weeks of pre- training to get you started and used to the workouts. You can order the online version, which gives you access to the online training program. You can access this on your phone or tablet as well! Or you can purchase the package which is the online version plus the 200 page booklet. I got the package because I wanted to be able to travel with it and in case I didn’t  have internet I would just have a hard copy with me!


On the BodyBoss website they also have the cutest workout clothes and accessories! Sports bras, tank tops, yoga mats, hats, and they just released the cutest new duffel bag! Their Instagram is also full of inpo, recipes and workout videos so give them a follow!

The workouts were extremely easy to follow as they are drawn out and explained very well within the guide. The guide itself is very cute, colorful and had a lot of pictures to show you what you’re doing. it also works as good fitspo and motivation! The guide takes you though step by step the weeks and cycles and your goals. Its very easy to stay on track as the workouts really do only take about 24 minutes if done properly. You only need to do the workouts three times a week to stay on track, but if you wanted I am sure you could modify them to workout even more! After a few weeks of the workouts I was really feeling like this was something I could do even with my busy schedule. I was also  feeling more energetic, positive and motivated!

My goals were to tone up and be healthy as for the past couple of months I have fallen out of working out due to being busy. I️ am currently on week three. I️ have noticed my stomach and legs are smaller and more toned. If you are someone like me who is always at work, school or traveling I would definitely recommend you look into BodyBoss!

Favorite Products: Bali Body

I have been using products from Bali Body for over two years now. I first discovered them on Instagram, (DUH!) and thought wow that’s super cute packaging, a simple concept that was tanning oil at the time. I thought why not its about to be summer why not get a little extra tan. I first fell in love with their original Bali Body tanning oil and their coco body oil. I used them all summer long. They not only helped me tan but also kept my skin hydrated and glowy. I loved the smell and the way it made my skin so soft even when I wasn’t using it as a tannin oil. 

One of the next things I got from them, when the weather started changing was their Bronzing lotion. This is a tinted body lotion that gives you an instant tan glow, that washes off at the end of the day. Think of it as a body bronzer/ was off self tan! It was amazing for when I was about to do a shoot and needed an extra glow, or when I was going out and wanted to be tan. It comes in handy in between spray tans as well!

As I started laying out again I wanted to try something new from them. I tried their best selling Watermelon tanning oil and I fell soooooo in love. This product is simply amazing. Its my favorite and I will never use another body oil. The smell is like skittles or fruit loops to me. It accelerates your tan so well without being overly sticky or oily. It hydrates your skin as well so I use it every day as well. It also comes in SPF which I  really like because I do have fairer skin. It keeps me smelling good and hydrated all year round!

My most recent favorite from them is their new Coconut Lip Balm! Let me tell you this is one of the biggest tubes of lip balm I’ve ever seen which means its never getting lost in my purse. It comes in a beautiful gold tube and smells like coconuts! Its super silky and not sticky or glossy. It has a plumping effect without burning or tasting spicy and that’s something I really love in a balm. I use it once during the day and it keeps my lips hydrated all day!

I really love all the products I have tried from Bali Body. The thing I love most about them is that all of their products are made from organic ingredients that are cruelty free and also vegan friendly! I love that they spread the cruelty free message over their social media. If you are in the market for some new all natural products be sure to check them out!

Sand And Sky Australia Pink Clay Mask Review 💕

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably seen the Sand and Sky Australia brand on Instagram and Facebook. All of their cute photos, and videos of YouTubers trying out the mask, the brand went viral. I’ve even seen girls from BuzzFeed trying out the product and making it into a funny video. 

Seeing this product all over social media made me want to try it out for myself! The biggest complaint that I’ve heard so far is the price point of the mask. This however doesn’t bother me because when comparing it to other masks that are high-end of the same size, it’s actually a really good deal. Sand and Sky also comes with an applicator brush which you don’t find with other brands. I really enjoyed the brush, because it’s not only more sanitary but it’s easier to clean up and it’s also just really cute. 

My first impression of the mask was that number one it smelled really good. Putting it on was also a lot easier with the brush then trying to scoop it out with my fingers. The packaging is really cute, it’s also a lot bigger jar than I expected. After putting the mask on just one time I noticed it definitely evened out my skin tone, brightened my complexion, and made my pores look smaller. It also made my face feel really soft and smooth and my foundation that I applied afterwards looked really good. After I had tried the mask three times over a period of about a week and a half, it has definitely even out my skin tone permanently and I feel as though I can get away with wearing less foundation. I was really impressed with the quality of the mask and after using it the price point is definitely worth it. Sand and sky is also a cruelty free and vegan product, made with natural botanicals from Australia. This is also really nice because a lot of the masks out there today contain harsh chemicals and a test on animals. If you’re interested in a good mask or have seen this product and wanted to try and I would definitely go ahead and purchase it. I will for sure be adding this into my weekly skin routine! 

Their Instagram is Here

My Instagram is www.Instagram.com/Maggie. Caldwell

Coconut Oil: Why Everyone Is Obsessed 

If you don’t live under a rock you have probably seen something on the internet or heard someone talking about coconut oil. There are even memes about it! 

But what’s with all the hype?? It’s the best kept beauty secret there is! Ever since I discovered Kopari Beauty Cocomelt my life has seriously changed. Kopari has 100% organic, vegan and cruelty free products all made with coconut oil including their cocomelt which is pure coconut oil! The deal with coconut oil is you can use it for literally everything beauty.
1. Skin- after a shower or shaving it will make your body super soft and smell good! 

– use it as a body oil while laying out. 

– use it as a daily lotion! 

– put a scoop in your bath! 

2. Face- it prevents wrinkles, acne and helps with under eye discoloration. 

-use it as a makeup remover

– makes the perfect lip balm

3. Hair- you can use a little bit to take frizz or use it as a hair mask. Scoop some up, leave it on for 30 minutes then wash your hair! 

-prevents dandruff and promotes a healthy scalp! 

4. Nails- use it to fix cuticles and heal dry hands and feet also helps nails grow! 

These are only a few of the MANY uses for coconut oil. My favorite of course being the Cocomelt from Kopari. Reason being it’s the only coconut oil made specifically for beauty use. Its going to smell better and feel better than your typical kitchen coconut oil. It’s made with only the best coconuts and cold pressed in the purest way! It also comes in a way cuter container 😁

Kopari also has many other beauty products that contain coconut oil in them as well. If you’re interested in starting your coconut oil journey click here for 10% off your first purchase! 

Let me know how you use your coconut oil! 

My Favorite Brands: Get Back Supply Co. 

As everyone knows, I love sharing things I love and things I’m interested in. I decided I wanted to write more so I’m starting a new section on the blog about my favorite brands. 

The first brand featured is called Get Back Supply Co. which is a lifestyle jewelry and accessories brand. The reason I love Get Back so much is the meaning behind the brand and all the cute colors and accessories! The brand is based around Saint Christopher. Saint Christopher is the Saint of protection or of protoecting children. It’s a symbol of good luck, as well as good fortune.  People from all walks of life wear the charm because it has such an open meaning. Back in the day it was often given as a gift of “going steady” in a relationship or a gift to someone who was going on a long journey or a surfer for good luck! The idea behind the necklaces and the necklaces themselves have been around for decades, until one day they sort of went out of style. Then one day Get Back, brought them back and have been successful ever since. Get Back has so many different colors and shapes of necklaces from choker and modern looking to long  surfer vibe necklace. They also have bracelets, t shirts, hats, sunglasses and much more! They have basically every color combination you can think of as well. It’s such a fun and meaningful way to accessorize. I love layering the necklaces and bracelets together. They put off a beachy surfer vibe you just can’t beat. They are called surf necklaces but really can be styled to suit any lifestyle or outfit. The perfect accessory to wear with a bikini for sure! 

Get Back is run by a mom and son duo as well, and it started small and is now sold in over 500 retail stores. If you’d like to check out their site and read their story click Here

To check out their super rad Instagram page click Here 

Vegan and Cruelty Free Beauty: Handmade Heroes

If you read my blogs you know I have really been obsessing over vegan and cruelty free beauty. I really believe  it’s important that beauty is cruelty free because there’s really no necessary reason that beauty products for humans should be tested on animals.  A lot of places that test on animals don’t only test on things like mice and rats they even go far as to use beagles.  I have been searching the Internet and social media to find the best vegan and cruelty free beauty brands and one of the most recent ones that I have fallen in love with is handmade heroes.  They have everything from lip balm, and  skin care products all the way to hair products and dry shampoo. I recently collaborated with them and they sent me their Harpars Bazaar awarded products that include two lip balms, a lip scrub and a powder dry shampoo.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

After using all the products and seeing all their other products I decided this is a brand where you’d cbe able to get almost everything you need for your beauty and skincare to be completely cruelty free and vegan.

This is really nice because I have a few people tell me it’s hard for them to find all the products they need for everyday that are vegan and cruelty free. These products are not only both of these, but are also really nice quality as well!


First of all I have really dark here and the dry shampoo doesn’t leave a white cast on my hair like some other dry shampoo do.

They sent me two lip balms. There is a rose tinted lip balm is really nice it’s got a really cute pop of color just for every day wear.  Both lip balm smell really good to which is also nice.  The lip scrub is really great and it smells good. Also it’s not too harsh like other lip scrubs I’ve tried.  All of the product smell really nice and they work really well they also have super cute names.  I would recommend the dry shampoo for just about any color hair like I said my hair is black and it blended in really well.

Overall I really recommend this brand to people who are looking to switch  vegan and cruelty free products.

You want to check out their Instagram page I will link it  Here 


Cruelty Free Beauty: EcoCoco Australia

I have been doing a lot of research on beauty brands that test on animals. It’s really surprising the types of tests they allow and the brands that have even broken the rules when it comes to animal testing, not that any animal testing is okay anyway. That being said I have been making it my goal to find products that are great quality and are also cruelty free! 

When I found EcoCoco Australia I was on Instagram (shocker). They had reached out to me through their Influencer program and I was so excited to work with them! All of EcoCoco’s products are organic, vegan and cruelty free which is really great for beauty products. They have everything from self tanning, shampoo and other hair products, lotions and body scrubs. Everything you need to make your  shower cruelty free! 

I got my hands on their Coconut Guava Body Scub that also can be a face scrub and a bath soak. It smells really good and has so many ingredients that are good for you and good for animals. I also got the new CocoLime Body Butter which smells AMAZING. It’s so thick and creamy. It’s perfect for after a shower or after laying out! The packaging in these products is to die for as well! They have tons more amazing vegan and cruelty free products on their website which I will link below. Their Instagram also has cool sales and giveaways sometimes so be sure to give that a follow as well! If you’re interested in brands that are cruelty free I suggest starting with Pinterest! There are lists of brands that are and aren’t. I highly reccomend vegan and cruelty free products to people with allergies and sensitive skin as well! It’s not going to have all the harsh chemicals in it that a lot of regular brands do. Just make sure you know what you’re sensitive to! If you have any questions about EcoCoco leave a comment or feel free to Dm me. 

EcoCoco’s Instagram Here

EcoCoco’s website Here

Featured Image is my image. Other images are from EcoCoco’s website! 

Barbas and Zacári Collab

Barbas and Zacári is a brand that you have probably seen on Instagram before. They have beautiful and unique watches as well as stylish sunglasses! They are known for their minimalistic and chic look that can be worn with literally anything. I have seen their watches be the cute accessory to a swim suit and even the finishing touch on a fancy night out. I personally love all their pieces and can’t wait to see what else they come out with. 
One thing I love about Barbas and Zacári is is that they give back! That is so important to me when I work with or blog about a brand. Barbas and Zacári are official partners of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and they are donating 5$ from every watch sale to them. Cancer research is so very important as so many have been effected by it! This touches close to me because both of my grandmothers have had cancer. Check out my Instagram post of them and if you’re interested in buying a watch use my code “Maggie20” for 20% off and all the fight against cancer.