May Ellie Box! 

So lately my obsession has been subscription boxes/bags/whatever if you haven’t noticed. They are all so convenient and cute! I’m lucky I can use my social media influence to try them before they come out! Since it’s April 30th and tomorrow is May I’d like to share what’s gonna be in the May Ellie Box! Ellie Activewear has a monthly subscription of Activewear /lifestyle products at a really great price. It’s 5 items that always include a sports bra, a top and leggings or capris and then two other items for 50$ a month. If you think about it a nice pair of leggings is that price already! It’s a subscription box that I have gotten two of now. I loved my first one so when they wanted to send me another I was so exited! Number one the box it comes in is soooo pretty. 😍 Also the stuff that comes inside is super cute and useful for a healthy lifestyle! Below is what was in my box and then I’ll go over everything on its own. 

The tank top, sports bra and leggings are a matching set from a brand called Marika. They are really good quality and could be worn to workout or just an athliesure outfit. The sports bra has those cute cutouts and I’d even wear it as a bralette! It has removable padding as well. The other two things are a Marika arm band that holds your phone while you workout. You don’t realize how convenient this is until you use it in your workout! It’s really nice and can fit most phones I’d say. The last thing was sort of unique it’s a set of stress balls that have different levels of resistance. That might sound a little silly but they are fun to play with if you’re doing computer work or just reading a book or something. 

If you’re interested in subscribing to Ellie Activewear Box click Here!

If you wanna take a peek at their Instagram click Here 

April Sephora Play! Box Review ❤️

I have got to say I am no less than impressed with the subscription box from Sephora called the Play Box. I had heard about it from a girl at work, we are all obsessed with makeup! She said it was only 10$ a month so I had to look into it! I went on my Sephora App, which is great by the way, and they had a little tan all about the box. I have my credit card on my app so I bought it right then! I got an email that I was confirmed. I didn’t get into the subscription program until about two months later because there was a waiting list! When I finally got an email that I would be getting an April box. 

When it came in the mail I knew right away what it was. The box was red white and black and it said “Play!” On the front. Below is a photo of what was inside! 

1. Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench 

2. Purity Face Cleanser

3. Sephora Brand Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

4. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

5. Makeup Forever Aqua XL Eye Pencil 

6. Miu Miu perfume 

I was so excited to try out everything! That night I washed my face with the cleanser. It smelled really good and I liked it but I had makeup on and it didn’t really take it all off. Then after I used the moisturizer and I really liked it. I love the consistency of it and that it said it would hydrate for 72 hours. I have combination skin so I love a good moisturizer! Then that morning I used the Makeup Forever eye pencil. It went on really well and since it’s hot and sweaty I liked that it was waterproof. It really did stay on all day. I had used the Smashbox primer before and I had already loved it but I enjoyed having a cute little size of it! The waterproof makeup remover worked really well on my Better Than Sex mascara (which is kinda hard to get off) and it was so much easier than trying to scrub it off in the shower. The Miu Miu perfume was cute but it just wasn’t the right smell for me personally. 

Overall the box is totally worth the 10$ a month especially if you already buy stuff from Sephora. And who doesn’t love the cute little sizes! It’s really nice to try it in a small size before you buy it for real. 

Bootay Bag

You have probably seen or heard of the company Bootay Bag before. Probably because its so popular and for a good reason! If you haven’t, Bootay Bag is an underwear subscription bag. Every month they send you two new pairs of super cute undies! When you subscribe, you get to pick what styles you like. Chose from Cheeky and Thong, you can chose to only have thongs, sometimes have thongs, or never have thongs. You pick your size and then you can also chose to be sent a bralette as well! The subscription is 12$ a month. If you’re already buying undies from Victorias Secret this is nothing to you! The undies you get are really cute and really nice quality, so its not like you aren’t getting what you want out of your underwear. Its also really nice because it comes right to your door every month its like a little present to yourself! Bootay Bag is also really good at giving back. When you receive your bag and post a photo with the hashtag #UnderMatters they will donate 1$ to the Melanoma Foundation. They have given so much back because of this simple idea. If you are interested in subscribing to Bootay Bag the link is here

Here are some photos of my April Bootay Bag!

Their Instagram page is @Bootay_Bag

Quay Australia Love

As some of you know,  I work as a receptionist/makeup artist/ social media manager at a local salon called The Powder Room in Missouri. The salon is also a boutique with everything from Bare Minerals makeup, bath bombs, clothes, purses, candles, and a ton of cute other stuff! Recently we added a new collection of the Quay Australia Sunglasses to our boutique and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Quay is a brand from Melbourne but it has swept across the world like wildfire. You can often see celebs such as J-Lo, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Jasmine Saunders, Hailey Baldwin and many more wearing these super stylish sunnies. When my boss said we were getting them I thought to myself, “they have these in like Pacsun and other huge stores, this is going to be so popular!” Sure enough I was right. We ordered about 40 different kinds to start off and in just over a week we have sold HALF of our inventory. They are 100% UV protection and are such good quality, comparable to prescription sunglasses in my opinion so I can see why they are so popular. Having them about 10 feet away from me every day isnt good for my wallet but they are all so cute I love each and every pair. They are suitable for all ages and some are even unisex. If you live nearby feel free to stop by The Powder Room and check them out! If you live far away feel free to message me with any questions.

Instagram: @quayaustralia Their Insta

My instagram: me

Black Bough Swim

Over the years I have gotten my hands on quite a few bikinis. I have to say the set I recently received from Black Bough Swim is on the top of the list. The Maui Set is the one I got and I could not be more in love. The top is in a “sporty” cut much like a sports bra. Right away the colors of the suit were so pretty even better in person than in photos. The quality of the material was amazing as well. It fit snug as a bug and didn’t budge while I was moving around snapping photos. Even though I don’t need a lot of support in the bust as I am lacking in that area it was very covering and I could tell it would be perfect for bustier girls that move around or maybe play sports or surf. The material was stretchy and very true to size.

The Black Bough site has a very helpful size chart as well. I would suggest this brand to literally anyone. The suits are amazing quality and the prices are really good especially for the quality you are getting. They have so many cute cuts and prints Id bet anyone could find something to fit their preference and body type. If you have any questions about the suits feel free to DM me! I also have a code (MAGGIE.CALDWELL10) for a discount on their site!

Below are some photos of me in my MAUI set.

Bali Body Love ❤️

In case you haven’t noticed in some of my photos (especially ones where my skin looks really good) I tag the company Bali Body. You have probably seen them on Instagram as it’s a pretty popular brand. But is it worth all the hype? I’m here to say YES it really is. 

Bali Body is a skincare brand that has gotten world wide recognition for the way it makes your skin glow! They have a wide range of oils, a lotion and even a BB cream! Personally I have tried the Watermelon Oil, the Cacao Tanning Oil, the Tanning/ Body Oil and the Bronzing Lotion. They all smell really good to start off with. I frequently use the Body oil as a lotion because it smells so good and keeps me moisturized. In the summer I always have the tanning oil and when it starts to get colder the Bronzing Loton helps to keep me from being pale while also being a great moisturizer as well. I have only heard good things about the lotion and BB cream and I am eager to try those as well. I have had many people ask me if it really works, is worth the money and lives up to the hype. My answer to those is yes for sure. I would definetly check out their website to decide which product would be best for you if you’re looking to try it! Follow them on Instagram as well. 

Bootay Bag Collab

I love blogging for brands that have a meaning behind them, or ones that give back. When I saw Bootay Bag it had both and I fell in love. 

Bootay Bag is a underwear subscription bag that sends you two new pairs of super cute undies every month! You can choose for them to send thongs, full coverage or a mixture of both to fit you! They are all super cute. Bootay Bag is all about promoting inner beauty and confidence in women. Along with raising money for the Melanoma Foundation! How awesome is that? When you get your underwear snap a selfie with the bag, or if you feel comfortable snap one on the undies! For every photo with the hashtag #undermatters Bootay Bag will donate money to the Melanoma Foundation. It’s such a fun and easy way to give back. Go check out their Instagram and their site! They are also now having bralettes that are super cute as well.  

These are the ones I got! A full all over lace cheeky pair and a more full coverage black lace with a cross cross on the butt. I love them.