My Favorite Brands: Get Back Supply Co. 

As everyone knows, I love sharing things I love and things I’m interested in. I decided I wanted to write more so I’m starting a new section on the blog about my favorite brands. 

The first brand featured is called Get Back Supply Co. which is a lifestyle jewelry and accessories brand. The reason I love Get Back so much is the meaning behind the brand and all the cute colors and accessories! The brand is based around Saint Christopher. Saint Christopher is the Saint of protection or of protoecting children. It’s a symbol of good luck, as well as good fortune.  People from all walks of life wear the charm because it has such an open meaning. Back in the day it was often given as a gift of “going steady” in a relationship or a gift to someone who was going on a long journey or a surfer for good luck! The idea behind the necklaces and the necklaces themselves have been around for decades, until one day they sort of went out of style. Then one day Get Back, brought them back and have been successful ever since. Get Back has so many different colors and shapes of necklaces from choker and modern looking to long  surfer vibe necklace. They also have bracelets, t shirts, hats, sunglasses and much more! They have basically every color combination you can think of as well. It’s such a fun and meaningful way to accessorize. I love layering the necklaces and bracelets together. They put off a beachy surfer vibe you just can’t beat. They are called surf necklaces but really can be styled to suit any lifestyle or outfit. The perfect accessory to wear with a bikini for sure! 

Get Back is run by a mom and son duo as well, and it started small and is now sold in over 500 retail stores. If you’d like to check out their site and read their story click Here

To check out their super rad Instagram page click Here